Inspirational Messages- Women & Beauty!!

Life or Beauty

“A Woman’s Beauty & Horses’s Race Can Attract Everyone Only Till They Are  Young, After That Woman Needs To Have Character To Live & Horse Needs To Have Owner To Live”…

I don’t think anybody will be in this world,Who can’t get attracted towards the Beauty of a Lady & The race of an young Horse. Mother nature has created these two creature so attractive. That’s why, These two can attract everyone. Now leave the Horse as its an animal & it doesn’t create that much problems as Human being does. Animals need to have Food & Caring to live nothing else.

Let me go with Woman. As a Human being we are part of society. Now as I said about the Beauty of a Woman. Which can create big issues for her. Even it may be possible, She can have problem to live in her own Society. Although her Beauty, which can create problem for her, but still it totally depends on her. How she manages herself. The prime duty of a woman, should be to take full care of herself. 

Today we have all the supporting communities for women. And they are 100% secure now. If we compare the things with our past. If a woman doesn’t want herself to be misused by anyone, she can easily do this, in most of the Countries now.  

Lets see the inside, what becomes problem-

Lets come to the point now. If any woman can’t control herself & does any of the things, which is not Lawful as per her society. Than it will be her own fault. Because of your beauty, people may like you. But its you, who has to take decision, what you have to do?? You have all the rights, but you have to keep in your mind, your Beauty can give you Happiness now, But after half stage of your life, you have to live without your beauty.  If you misuse your Beauty now, it will surely create problems for you in your society. And its also quite possible, if  one man  leaves you now than other man can easily be ready to be with you . But when you will come at your half stage of life. Than you will not find any of these people with you.

You can enjoy your life now because of your Beauty & Youth. But latter on you will not even be able to live in your own society.  I have seen many of the girls, whose life becomes like Hell because of these thing. And some of them who can’t face problems latter on, than they simply have to commit suicide. Because they are weak enough to face the problems which they have created for themselves.

Your beauty is Nature gifted, its your prime duty to take care of it. And make great  respect for yourself in your society. Look at things, which you are going to do. Will these be accepted by others or not??? Because Human being is a social animal. We have to see all the things Not only our own life.

So, its only up to you girls. What Respect you want to create for yourself in your society. Only you can Decide it, nobody else. If you create good Respect for yourself than only, people will give respect to you or your Beauty. Else everyone will try to misuse your beauty. Its true fact.  You want to be Respected or you want to be Misused ?? Your own Decision will decide it. Keep this in your mind, Lust is for only sometimes, But it will take your life away for forever. 

Take care, Be Safe &  Be Respected Girls. Its Only You, Who Has To Create Respect For Yourself!!!!!!!!

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