Talent, Money & Love- Human Life Articles!!

Talent, Money & Love- Human Life Articles!!

“A Financially Weak But Honest & Well Educated Person Doesn’t Have Right To Find Love Relationship, Although He Is Used By Everyone”…

When I got Sense, There used to be some Relationship like Love. Which used to be based on someone’s Honesty & Character. Its quite sure that the base of True Love is Honesty only. 

But Today we have changed all things. We have made new rules of living life. Only that person does have right to find out Love with someone, who has Money in his pocket. 

Honesty, Character, Behavior these things are merely words now.  Somebody who does have these thing, his life is very tough to live. But we should never forget, no matter what you are having with you, If you aren’t Honest person then your own self esteem doesn’t agree with. Internally you are not happy. Come out of this behavior guys, which your own Heart doesn’t accept. 

Never try to Underestimate an Educated but financially weak person. Because someone’s Education & Talent these are two things, Which that person does have & with the help of these two thing, he does have ability of do anything. It may be possible his start is not that much good because of his weak past. After all, Only an Educated person becomes part of his society in right ways. 

Sir, Never even think to misuse someone’s Talent because of his poor family-background. Because, when Talent shows its Color then it changes everything.  

Guys if you are facing these kind of issues with you then be Relaxed. You are an Educated & Talented one, Just have control on your Emotions. Let the people do whatever they want. Just move on with your daily work. If you feel someone misusing your Talent then don’t feel bad with that. Actually these people don’t know they are hating you but other hand they are making you strong. 

Lets come to the point Now:-

Now understand this, only our opponents do have the power to make us strong because their Ignorance becomes our strength.   

What will happen?? You will get misused by them ones, latter on you will understand them, what exactly they want. Now its you, don’t ignore them, accept their all Rudeness for you & internally prepare yourself for upcoming problems. 

And surprisingly, there will be one moment when you will lead them and that time they will have no choice except appreciating you. 

I have faced these issues. I can understand, an educated but poor guy, is the most innocent person & when that guy feels the deference which is made by others for him, it really Hurts a lot. And you know, the most bad moment of our life, When any girl becomes our best friend because of our Talent & if you fall in Love with her, with full Respect & Caring, Then She leaves you. Just because your father doesn’t have much owning or Money

In this world, only those things get Appreciation which can attracts others. You have Car, Big House, people will see that, not matter how you own that. So, here your Love for that Girl, become useless. My personal advice is, always stay away from  these kind of Girls, who simply look at those things which you have. These kind of Girls, can never be Faithful for you

I know these words will make you weak, sorry leave it. You have all the things with you, But you only need to have patience till your target becomes Real. And its also quite true when a poor Educated guy becomes successful,  He still moves with the same attitude and Behavior. Because only a good Human being does have this quality to remain same in all the conditions. 

Always Keep One Thing In Your Mind, Talent Creates Money But Money Can Never Create Talent.

Talent, Money And Love- Article!!


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