Self Esteem- Human Life Articles!!

Self Esteem- Human Life Articles!!

“If Someone Says No For Your Work, Just Leave That Person, Don’t Beg In Front Of Him. If You Really Want To Save Your Self-esteem”…

When it comes to take any support or help  from anyone, I am the most scared one. It may be you are too. Because somebody who never wants to Depend on anyone, is the person who has clear Thinking & Mindset. 

But Human being has no value alone. We have to face these kind of situations in which we have to Depend on others. No matter what or who we are! Its sure, Sometimes you will have to face this issue. You don’t want to Depend but you will have to. If you are my kind of person, whose Thinking is supportive for others rather taking Support from them. Than you must try to understand what I am going to tell you. 

Self-esteem is something, which can never be Earned if you lose it. Never think Sir, if someone who cares about his self-esteem, he does have proud on him or does have wrong attitude. Never assume this. Mostly these kind of persons are neither Selfish nor Greedy. They are honest towards, whatever they do! Now, if you come in this category or not, always keep one thing in your mind, if you are seeking support  or help from someone, Just follow him twice only.

 If he would like to do your work, he will do it, else he will never do that. If you keep following him than you are simply wasting your time. His answer is No. If someone says No, just leave that person. He is not going to do anything. 

Don’t worry, he is not the only one option for you. You have other options too, use them. If that person would like to do anything for you, he will do, else no matter, how many times you are saying, he is not going to do anything. Don’t worry because of the negativity of someone. But if still you are keep pinching him, than you are creating problems for your own. 

Being a social animal, We can’t ignore our society. All of us need support from others but only that person can help you, Who understands your problems. There are most of people, who just try to show themselves superior rather understanding others problems. Hence, you should never lose your Self-esteem because of these kind of stupid people. Believe me guys, as much as problems you face in your life, that much of Mature person you are going to be.

Neither you have Super Power nor others. Hence be connected with people but Never beg in-front of them  for your work. No work is greater than your Self-esteem, Just ignore these kind of persons.

Just Move With The Thinking, “Your Problem Is Not Going To  Be With You For Forever, & That person Is Not The Only One Who Can Be Your Solution”.

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