Love Now A Days- Love and Relationship!!

Love Now A Days- Love and Relationship!!

“Love Has Become Like Money, Which Comes & Goes. Neither Girl Nor Boy Is  Sure That, How Long They Will Be With Each Other”…

“Love” Everyone knows about, Rather Human Life’s base is Love. Do you know our Emotions can Destroy our life & Love has Direct connection  with our  Emotions. 

I’am 90’s Born & most of us can easily see the Difference, Than & Now. If we see the relationship of our Grand Parents or Our Parents, Than we get surprised, Was that also a relationship?? Yes, that was also a Relationship. The Honesty & the Respect, Which we can see in those Relationships, That has totally gone from Today’s. And mostly we come to know about many True Love Stories before 90’s. They used to Love each other, Because of someone’s Character & Behavior. That’s why they are still known people for us. 

Lover’s of that time, Didn’t used to see, Someone’s Money, Owning, Beauty. Because, The base of True Love is, “Feelings, Respect, Understanding, Nothing else. If someone’s Happiness is your Happiness whether, They become your Life partner or not than you will always Respect him/her. This will give you the true feelings . Because True Love, Doesn’t have Expatiations form your partner.

Believe me, Those who understand Love, They are the only people who enjoy their life the most. You will come to know the Power of Emotions,If you understand, Love. Others will keep switching one person to with other, Just to fulfill their Lust. And believe me, Lust can give you happiness only for “Few mins”, But True love or Emotions has the power to give a new meaning to your life. 

Lets understand, What we are doing today….

I have a best friend or my class mate. One day he told me that he Loves a Girl and he can’t live without her. And I met both of them and what I found was, That Girl also had same wordings for him. They had good Relationship and even they got physical. Eventually they got break up & both got separated.Now they both are having different partners.  So, the relationship was only up to being physical with each other. After some time’s, they both got another partner, And again they both will follow the same things. So this is what we are doing Today. Only meeting for Se**x is the base of our Relationship.

But still there are good people. Hence problem comes with them. Ones you Lose your Character than its very tough to understand, how to move on?? There are many Societies better I say countries, Where the Character of a Girl is most important or respected thing. Boys can somehow manage the things but some of the innocent Girls, Who can’t face the Bad comments of people, Their life becomes Hell. So, why we accept, those Relationship, where our own life becomes problems for us. Are you kid?? No you are Not.

Most of the relationship’s base  is Money or Sex now a Day. Most of the Girls just look at the earning or owning of  a person and gets married with him. Irrespective of the feelings she has for him & irrespective of the Character or Behavior that person does have. And daily we come to know, A particular Man or Woman, Found in sexual relationship with someone. Its quite sure to happen. Because Neither Money can give you satisfaction Nor someone’s Beauty. And our relationship’s base is, Either Money or Beauty. 

Hence its up to you, What you want?? As per me, If your Love Relationship doesn’t have base of  someone’s Character, Behavior, Attitude, Rather its  Money or Beauty, Than you can never have a Successful life or Relationship. 

When “Money & Beauty” Becomes Base of Love. Than Love Become Lust & Lust can give you Pleasure only for few mins. What about Rest of LIFE???

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