Inspirational Message- The Truth of Money and Relationship!!

Inspirational Message- The Truth of Money and Relationship!!

“The Truth Of Life. If You Want To Get Respect Then Build Relationships With Those People Who Are Equal To You Or Below You In Terms Of Financial Conditions”…                                        

What makes our Relationship with others?? The Financial Conditions of someone!! This a Bitter Truth of Human Life. If you have Strong Financial conditions then all people will Respect you.No matter what you do or what Character you have???? We have totally changed our life. We don’t give Respect to those people who have Weak conditions. But we always Forget one thing. When we Born we didn’t bring anything with us?? Most of us got our owning from our Grand Parents To Our Parents And now we are using that. Our Society has been divided into two categories, Rich & Poor. The mentality of all Rich people is to show themselves greater than others. Rich people Think, They have all the things, Else they can get them.

If we look at the past or History. There also used to be Wealthy people.But except their wealth, They used to have “Honesty & Self-esteem”. If we see the things in past most of the wealthy people had to lose their wealth. Just to support the poor sections of their society. Some of them completely lost their everything, Even their own House & they came to the Road or Became Homeless. That’s why they are still with us & still we all know these people. Are we learning from those people?? No, We are not!!

Now come to the Real point, “Present or Today”. Someone who is wealthy can never be poor Today. Because,They don’t have Honesty & Self-esteem.This is their main Strength. This is only reason, Why Poor are becoming more Poor & Rich are becoming more Rich.

Someone who doesn’t have Honesty and Self-esteem can never be a Human being rather that person is an  inhuman. These kind of people don’t understand, No matter what Valuable things they can store with them, They can use only that much which they use for their three times Food, Nothing else.   

What can those people do, Who are Honest & Whose Thinking is Clean & Productive for others. We all can get anything we want, But we can’t get True Respect from others. I just want to tell all those people who think they are from Middle class or Poor family. If you want to get Respect from others, Then never have Relationship with those people who are more Wealthy than you. These people will never care about you and your Feelings.No matter , what you do for them. They just Know or Think that you are Below to them & you have No value In-front of them. 

If you seek Respect from them then I am sorry, its your fault. Because these kind of people neither have Honesty nor Self-esteem. So, it is better to move with them who are Equal to you in all the conditions.Only these people will support you, Nobody else.

 It has also become a Fact Today, The person who starts Owning or Earning things Become more careless about others. Because he thinks, He can buy all the things. 

Guys it is often said by our seniors, If your earning is not becoming useful for others, then whats the value of it ?? it has Zero value.

If Your Earning And Owning Is Not Useful for Others Then You will Keep Storing That With You Till Death. And After Your Death, Your Relatives Will Look at Only Those Benefit, What They Will Be Getting Because Of Your Death. Nobody Is Going To Miss You or Remember You.

Never Be Careless or Be Greedy Because Of your Owning Or Earning. It Is Not Going To Be With You. But Your Good Behavior & Work Will Always Be Remembered By Others, Even After Your Death Too.

Self- Esteem- Motivational Article!!



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