Inspirational Article- Help and Support!!

Inspirational Article- Help and Support!!

“Never Expect Anything From That Person Who Is Helped By You. If You Have Expectations From That Person, Then It Will Hurt You”…

This is the  problem which we all have with us.When we Help/Support someone then we just keep one thing in our mind  that, He will also help us in future?? 

Everyone has this kind of mentality. But when time comes and that person who was helped by us can’t help us, it may be any of the reason, Then  we simply try to leave him or our Relationship with him falls down. 

Am I right?? I think I am. See guys if you are seeking return help from that person then I am sorry you didn’t help him. Its was a Deal between you and him,Not help. If you seek return from someone then that is called “Making Relationship for personal Benefits” its Not Help.

Now Lets see, What is Help/Support. If you Understand this then it will not hurt you:-  

Now Help/Support is something,The work which is done for someone when He/She was not able to support himself/herself. You may also be in this kind of conditions. So, what basically i want to say, if you Expect Return help then it will Hurt you only, Why??

Because you have Helped that person and now you have full Confidence that in your Bad times he will also support you. But it is also quite possible that the person is not in  the Conditions wherein he can support you?? But as you are full Confidant for him & If your Expectations don’t meet then you are gonna lose your Temper. This is the cause of your Worry, Which is going to Hurt you.

In most of cases the person who is Helped by us, Does really have Respect for us. Because in his Bad Times we were with him. He can never Forget it. Hence Help someone without Expectations.It will not only give you Happiness but you will become reason of Someone’s Happiness too.

Guys keep one thing in your mind “Every work is not for getting Return Benefits“.You must do somethings for Humanity and make it clear that you are a Human being. Else your every work will get closed on Return Benefit and you will go away from the True Happiness of Life.

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When You Will Start Feeling Your Happiness In Helpless Person’s Benefit. Then You Will Stop Expecting Things From Others. And Here Is The Point Of Your Life, When You Have Got All The Qualities Of Humanity.

Must Experience This Feeling Of Human Life…!!  



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