Failure and Success- Motivational Article!!

Failure and Success- Motivational Article!!

“Losing Everything But Still Fighting With The Problems Is Your Prime Duty. Don’t Lose Hope, Something Different Is Going to  Happen Now”…

I have seen many people who give up just because of some Difficulties. They simply change their ways & move on for something else.  

Leave it Sir, you aren’t getting things but you have given your all the best efforts to get. Does it mean, you will leave the things?? No, don’t do it. 

Just fight with the issues & keep enjoying them. Always keep one thing in your mind, you can never have control over the  Results of your work but you have full control on that work which you are doing. Its your and you have full rights to make it happen as per you.

 If you understand this then, you will never be worried about the Result of your work. Rather you will focus on doing it. It should be your first duty to follow the things & keep doing them. If you lose focus on things then its sure you will lose the result too. 

If you are getting back to back Failure it means you are gonna get the particular thing in different way or you are going to  be more Perfect on it. So, why to leave???  Your every effort is making you more Practical,Which is strengthening your control on it. Before Leaving look at those attempts of your, what about it , If you Quit?? 

Forget it guys, If you give up then someone will come and tell you to take it back. Nobody will say you to take back. Its you, who has to take Decision. Believe me if you give up, your all efforts will go worthless & this will decrease your confidence even for other tasks too. And if you don’t have Confidence, than what  else you can do??? Nothing !!!

 Lets take one of my best seen example:-

I have a friend, he wanted to join Army. He gave around ten attempts. You know what, He used to be every slim or had weak physical. The prime need for Army is your physical fitness. But he accepted his weakness rather Giving up & after his every attempt, He took full care of his health. Gradually he got good health & muscles. In his last attempt, he got top rank in every part of that exam. This  is the Reality of life. Accept your weak point but don’t lose hope with that, rather improve it. Than who can stop you from getting in…Nobody!!! 

Our every Failure Discourages us, but if we understand that our failure is teaching us, than without being worried we will keep working on it.

Its is quite possible, you are fed up with your Failures. Your parents, relatives or friends nobody understands you or leaves you. Accept their Ignorance but never be emotional rather focus on your doing. If you become Emotional than believe me your Emotions will divert you from your target. Just understand or tell yourself that your one successful attempt will change all of them for you.

Hence, Don’t Worry, Your Efforts Are Going To Give You Something Different Than Your Expectations. Just Keep Moving!!!!! 

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