Human Life Run!!

“Human Life Run is about those Mistakes which I am doing or I have done in past. Or I have seen someone else doing the same. This is an Initiative to Let the World to know about those Mistakes & Save the time of people. The things which I am sharing here, All are my Personal life Experience. I Born in India on 17 March 1991. Being a part of Middle Class Family the Problems which I have Faced & Seen But still getting Success ¬†with my Own Rules of Living life. I Never Let my Self-esteem get Down, No matter what challenges I have to Accept. Because every Problem does have Solution”.

Here I will be sharing one Quote, Followed by one page short Article on it.Just go through & Understand, What to do or What not!!

Stop Expecting, Believe In Yourself, Be Selfless, Life Will Become Heaven!!


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