Feelings & Emotions- Human Life Article!!

Feelings & Emotions-

“If You Share Your Personal Things To anyone, Then Sorry, Still You Are Not Mature.  Because No One Cares About Your Emotions & Feelings. Everyone Wants To Have Benefit From You, Not Your Feelings”…

 This is quite obvious, When we become Emotional then we tell our personal things to everyone. And we think that we will be Appreciated or Understood by them, But its not True. Irrespective of your Relationship with someone, No matter how deeply you know them, never even think to share your personal things to them. Still, if you want to share your feeling then you can go to your Parents. Because only your Parents have that Heart who can understand you. Nobody Else. I don’t want to Hurt you, But this is True.

You will just have to face Negative comments on your feelings. Our Feelings & personal things are quite Sensitive for us. Because of these things we become Depressed with our life. Have patience, Things will become normal soon, just keep working on it. When your work becomes productive and you are being known by others then even people will share your problems or weakness But now you will get respect for your those weak things too. Because this world or people only want benefit from you not your Feelings and Emotions. 

Let your weak points of life (or the problems which you faced) get communicated with others by your Great work. Then nobody will Criticize you. But if you  tell your weak points by your own then its sure you have to be ready to face the comments of others. 

I am not saying hide your personal things for forever but till you don’t make change in your life or you don’t make yourself better than your past. Forget guys, someone will care about your feelings. As I said, people want to be with you only for their Benefit. And if you have those people with you, who cares you, then you are Lucky??

Let me take an Example:-

I had a Meeting with my Senior because, I was qualified for a particular task. She appreciated me & became more personal with me. But I became Emotional with her and told her everything about my family back ground. She came to know everything about me. That how weak conditions I have. But she got surprised, how can I be qualified for this particular task. She now  knew that my other partners does have strong family background. 

Then what happened, she didn’t give any importance to my quality rather she took all the weak points or problems which I faced to reach here. Finally she disapproved my application. Latter on I came to know about this fact which I was told by that guys who got selected.

So this is how people are?? If you have Weak personal things never believe in others that they will appreciate you. I am sorry,But nobody is going to appreciate you. Don’t worry & Don’t be Emotional, Rather become more stronger than them. They will automatically come to know about it.

Keep one thing in your mind, Never try to take Revenge because this will make you Emotional. Always try to be  Practical and show these kind of  Stupid people, “The Ability of Human being is greater than anything else”.

Hence Rather Being Emotional Be Practical & Strong To Deal With The People. Because Everyone Is Careless And Cruel In This World, Till You Don’t Have Strong Owning of Things.

“True Feelings Are Always Respected Guys, Never Underestimate Yourself & Never Think To Change The Characteristics Of Humanity Which You Have”. Your Feeling Are True & Only The Feelings Of Humanity Makes You Human Being.

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